Drawing #65: "Holsom Vibes" [Beeswaxed Midori A5 paper]
Birbauble Ceramic Art Magnet [Pink and White Flower Magnet]
goatPIERROT Art Print #1: Tinybirdman Be Bad [Screen
[2021 PRE-ORDER] Pierrot Tinybirdman Ceramic Art Toy
Birbauble Ceramic Art Doll Multiple Sizes [Legless Tinybirdman]
Egg Boy #36: Marbleguts the First [Needle-felted, Weighted, Removable Egg White Ruff]
Drawing #24: "Holsomclown and the Blue Sun" on 1870s walnut wood
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goatPIERROT Art Sticker Set #4: Pink Sketches
goatPIERROT Art Print #2: "Lemonade Sun" [June 2021 Limited Edition, 6x9 inches, Two-Sided Digital Print on 350gsm paper, signed]
Tattoo Ticket
[April 2021 PRE-ORDER] Birbauble Ceramic Art Toy [Ghost with Blue Heart Butt]
Drawing #28: "Tinybirdman at Magnolia Lane" [Beeswaxed Midori A5 paper]
Needle Felted Art Toy [Egg Boy Finger Puppet]
October's Tinybirdman #1: Kicking Janus
Tattoo Ticket
Drawing #7:  "Red Holsomclown, Yellow Tent"
goatPIERROT Art Sticker Set #2: Holsomclowns