Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a tattoo of your work?

Yes! Please visit the Tattoo Permission Ticket page.

If you are interested in getting a design redrawn, reworked or otherwise added to, please contact me here.


Everything sold out! How do I get Early Sale Access?

Step 1: is password protected and new listings are posted.
Step 2: Password is posted to the goatPIERROT Patreon ($1.50 a month membership).
Step 3: Patreon pre-sale lasts 24 hours
Step 4: Password protection is removed, if any items are left unsold, the sale will be promoted via Instagram.

How are products packaged?

I take great care to ensure all art arrives safe and undamaged in the most sustainable way possible. All items are drop-tested before shipping to ensure they can withstand falls of 10 feet.

Ceramics are shipped packaged in wool and sturdy reusable cardboard boxes.

Works on paper are wrapped in archival glassine paper and secured between two pieces of cardboard before being packaged in a sturdy brown mailer.

Paintings are done on wood panel instead of canvas to ensure their durability.