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I wish I don't live too far away
I really want to get the actual painting
I'm afraid it will get lost in transition

A Little Friend!

A present for any occasion- a friend for a lifetime! I put him in charge of watching over my plants~💞🍃

Gorgeous work!

This piece is gorgeous and packaged well. Like all of this artist’s work, it’s lovely in the photos but an even bigger treat in real life. Thank you!

Drawing #109: "Egg Boy Screaming at Electric Light [****] A5 paper]

Stunning work, made me smile:)

Loved the stickers!! Keep up the awesome work!!!!

quality artwork from a quality artist

I always enjoy receiving and opening up the packages immensely. My recent purchase was the cutest. 10/10 ceramic art piece. :)

Gloves, Thrice

Done by @Thetaste_of_ink

I can't stop thinking about these pair of hand so..
thank you <3

A honest opinion from a honest heart

From the moment I saw these funky stickers on Instagram I knew I needed them. And owning them now? Absolutely wonderful, they make my day, lift my spirits. Cheers to Pierrot and company!🎪💫


This drawing enchanted me so deeply upon initial viewing that I bought it immediately and then once it arrived (very promptly I might add) I immediately bought a frame for it!

Drawing #102: "Holsomclowns: Complaint and Contemplate" [Double Matted 8x10 inch Framed Drawing with 5x7 inch opening]

Wonderful little Pierrots

Done at Edge Tattoo by Josh in South Windsor, Connecticut. Hoping to travel even farther with these little guys and maybe even collect a few more along the way!

Perfect Line Art

I have so many art pieces bookmarked from Goat Pierrot that I constantly wander back to. They convey such a nostalgic and beautiful feeling. I recently got “Brother Clown and Sister Clown” on my bicep. It came out just perfect (:


So happy to finally have your work on me! Done by Jess at Timeless Tattoo :)