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Precious and delightful little guy

I smile every time I see him. He came very safely packaged in a soft nest of wool and the stickers are very vibrant while retaining their charm and style :-)

Marvellous and charming little dude

Pierrot birbauble is a unique and delightful piece of well crafted ceramic art and I simply adore him. I smile every time I see him sitting on my desk. Thank you for making him 💖

The cutest little pierrot

I have wanted to acquire one of these little pierrots for a long time! and I was finally able to buy it! :D He is cute, very small and photogenic, he is ready to go on adventures with me. I love him

Thank you for taking this little one out into the sun, Cecilia!
He is much too pale but I'm hoping that with continued adventuring he will develop a healthy tan.


always a treat buying your stickers, love love love the packaging 🤡

Thank you, Kylee! I hope the stickers are sticking well and that you have used them to successfully mark your territory.


Ink Doodle Commission

I love it, thank you :')

Thank you, Teresa - it was my pleasure.


goatPIERROT Ceramic Art Toy [24.005: Black Classic, 1.4" tall]

So perfect!

What a joy. Beautifully crafted and cheerful figure and stickers that I will so enjoy. A wonderful purchase!

Stickers were lovely

Came with a cute doodle on the shipping label as well

Hello Goose,

My apologies - it looks like the reviews widget sent the automated request a little prematurely. I have lengthened the time to account for the longer shipping time now that I'm based in the UK.

Luckily, it looks like your package was successfully delivered a few days after this review was posted, and I hope the stickers were to your liking.



Thank you for making amazing artwork!

The best portrait I’ve ever seen

Truly a gem on my mantle I love the portrait of my cat and will cherish it. The art style is 100/10.

Mega Birdbauble of my dreams :,)

Incredible work, I’m so grateful to have finally gotten my paws on a bauble.

Perfect Sketch

GoatPierrot outdid themselves again! They perfectly whipped up the cutest doodle imaginable! Fast communication and quick turnaround time! Thanks again <3

Stupendous Work!

I always enjoy seeing the stuff that you make on instagram, it's always good quality and fun to get in the mail. I haven't ordered in a while due to tight finances but had to get something from the last batch before you move. It's at my work desk. I tell people about you all the time. I ordered one of your yellow long sleeved shirts with seals on it a while back, and wear it often, and have gotten so many compliments on it. People really like the design and color. If you decide to do shirts/long sleeved shirts/or sweaters like that again, I might be down to buy another one. I live in the pnw so I wear sweaters and long sleeved shirts pretty much year round. I hope you have a fun and successful time in the new country you move to :) adios!


I love them so much! They're absolutely perfect!! And thank you so much for the stickers 💖

Incredible! Amazing!

These small clowns bring me immense joy and this little fella is no different. Excellently handcrafted, made to perfection. This small bauble is a wonderful addition to the Pierrot family growing on my work desk. 11/10, if only I could give it 6 stars.

A new family member

A cute new edition to my mini bird bauble family that I've been slowly collecting. The others are already jealous of his smile. I've always been in love with the artist's work! The baubles are always wrapped carefully in wool (which my cats love to try to steal and eat) and I also love the personalized doodles as well as additional stickers that are included in the package. <3


Got these a while back but hope to see more stickers :)))

My Little Friend

It’s perfectly balanced where he can sit on the ledge that overlooks my drawing tablet. Him and his lil pumpkin have made their home on my desk <3

Two are better than one

I'd always wanted a set of goatPIERROT's characters and these were it!

It's all about the ruffle

I love this ruffle treatment, and several figurines that had it won me over. This one gives me an extra chuckle every time I see it because the red top just makes me think of an octopus :D

Amazing stickers

the stickers and service were awesome, of course there was an extra little goodie and a personallyzed sketch in there as well which was the cherry on top <3

Love the white Pierrot designs

I'm so glad I got to snag this figurine as I love the white and black Pierrot collection <3