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I’m a Sad Clown

I bought these as a gift for my kiddo and am a bit sad I didn’t keep one for myself. Each image is so whimsical and lovely. I do so enjoy this artist’s work.

Love these stickers!!

I have purchased numerous sticker sets from goatPIERROT and this one is my favorite this far! The stickers themselves are vibrant, high quality, decently sized, and extremely resilient. I stuck one to my water bottle and it’s been there for over a year, and the picture quality and sticky-ness has remained intact. I would definitely recommend if you’re on the hunt for some funky and fun stickers !


They arrived in pristine condition. I love my new little friends.

Always a pleasure sending a package off on such a long journey - thank you for your review, Chuck!

goatPIERROT Ceramic Art Toy [Birbauble BB23.065-69: Pierrot SECONDS, Batch of Five, listed individually]

love always

I've ordered several items from goatpierrot and they are perfect and special every time. I love the care that is put into every little thing. above and beyond. love love love

Thank you for your review! It really means a lot to have return customers like you, and it is always fascinating to see which pieces you choose to add to your collection (I hope you enjoy them all!).

Many thanks,

There are just old dates. On the one i purchased was 2021 i think, but its just minor thing.

Thank you for your review Eva! I hadn't realize how out of date the year on the Tattoo Ticket had gotten, thank you for bringing it to my attention. It has just been updated for 2023.

Birbauble Twins

Birbauble wobble
Bobble Dee and Bobble Doo
The bobbles smile and frown back at you

The lovely siblings cast judgement on their fellow birbaubles and birdmen

May they dispense love and wise warnings and not just bad puns and random insults to their fellow birbaubles and birdmen, too! Thanks for the sweet poem, Luke - I could not have wished for them to go to a better collection.

Best wishes,

love it!!

birbauble so cute

Thank you, Solana! I am happy you like this experimental Birbauble - it was so fun to make and I hope it brings you nice sunset vibes to the general area of its inhabitance.

Best wishes,

Extremely happy :3

Great work as always <3

Thank you for your review, Erich! Hope this Red Birbauble is good company in the coming year.
Best wishes,

A lovely new friend!

He is so fancy in his little red ruff! Nothing makes me happier than receiving a new Birdbauble, or Tinybirdmen. He is wonderful! ❤️❤️❤️

Absolutely Perfect!

I bought this sweet Birbauble as a birthday gift for my child. However, I couldn’t wait to give it to them. Upon receiving it they instantly fell in love! The details are lovely and I appreciate how carefully it was packaged to avoid any damage during the shipping process.


So happy the tattoo ticket exists, thank you <3

Sweet little guy!

I love having art around the house, and this little guy is wonderful decor. He has a good stable weight to him and looks beautiful and unique with my other little trinkets and sculptures. I'm very happy with it!

So beautiful and so sweet

i love my tinybirdman like i would love a little child.

Thank you for your order, Alisa - I am so happy your enjoy your new piece!



very noice ceramic


my girlfriend really love them its the best birthday gift ever

I am glad she liked the Longestbirdman! Best wishes to you and your girlfriend and my biggest thanks for supporting the shop.


Just wonderful

My only complaint is that his butt doesn't have a heart on it! He certainly deserves one.

Thank you for another order, Brynna!
I'll take this as a sign the sporadic testing of heart butts on select figures is well received and make heart butts the default!

Best wishes,

So lovely!!!

I’ve been buying these little guys for years and have had amazing experiences, the costumer service is great and I adore the birbaubles!!!

It is always a pleasure to see your name on the order list, Trinity! Knowing the little guys have family waiting for them at their destination, is a wholesome feeling.

Tinybirdman Ceramic Art Toy [22.020: Tangerine Classic]

Tinybirdman Ceramic Art Toy [22.033->22.041: Body Diameter slightly under 1 inch, Batch of Nine]

Most Bestest Little Guy

This little guy is perfection, beautifully crafted, and absolutely magnificent. I've collected a nice little flock of birdman and will continue to come back for more.

Companionship finally!

My tiny bird man at home has been lonely in his little dome and the cats have been daunting company. It was about time I adopted a little buddy his own size to ease his loneliness. With two heads, he’s bound to have so many insightful conversations with his new companions. I can’t wait to expand his circle of friends in the future! Thank you goatpierrot and I always love your work! 💕

Love love love it!

I absolutely love my birbaubles!! They came surprisingly fast and the way goatpierrot packaged them was both safe for the items, and really fun. The little baubles themselves are beautiful, and very lovingly made. You can tell they spent plenty of time creating each and every one. Goatpierrot even sent a little bit of sticky putty so the little guys can stay nice and safe on a shelf. Overall, great purchase! :)

Thank you for your review, Laura - it is lovely to know that these little ceramic creatures are going out to places they are appreciated (I hope that sticky putty comes in useful!)

Best wishes,

Smoll babies

Finally have my own smoll babies I love them so much!!!! Thank you !! <3

Thank you for supporting my work, Elizabeth - I am happy you enjoy the Birbaubles!

Best wishes,