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Smoll babies

Finally have my own smoll babies I love them so much!!!! Thank you !! <3

Thank you for supporting my work, Elizabeth - I am happy you enjoy the Birbaubles!

Best wishes,

Birbauble Ceramic Art Toy [Mother and Child, Below-glaze fissure]


Birbauble, birbauble, birbauble blue
How lovely it is for me to meet you!
Birbauble, birbobble, birbwobble and back
There's nothing at all this birbauble lacks!

Wonderful work as always!

How am I supposed to compete to such mastery? You are a gem, Luke.
Thank you for keeping up with my work these past few years, it means a lot.

Best wishes,

Tinybirdman Ceramic Art Toy [Dangling, Batch of Nine]

I love my lil bird men

I love every part of goatpierrots stuff. They always put so much thought into the packaging. Everytime I order I get excited to see what sticker is included and if there will be a doodle on the box (I've even saved some doodles cuz they were so cute!). I especially adore all the tiny bird men that goatpierrot make and I especially love to put them in the miniatures I build!!! I hope I can buy more as I make more and more miniatures

Taking this bunny to my grave

GoatPierrot is the GOAT. Not only are the drawings so stinking cute, the needle felted friends are to die for, I’m climbing into my casket as I type this because I simply cannot handle how cute this bunny is. They only reason I cannot buy every single item Kidd makes is because I’d run out of shelf space (and lack of funds). It’s the thought that counts.

Thank you Moshe!
I was regretting not documenting this Bun Pierrot more before it sold, and now thanks to you I can watch this video. All the best to you and thank you so much for supporting my work.

Pink Poka

This adorable bunny shipped perfectly and had no problems arriving home! Cherishing them fondly.

Thank you for being such a long-time customer, Margarite! It is a joy to send work to where I know it is cared for.


i’ve been following goat pierrot for YEARS and have been in love with everything! this illustration and the placement i wanted was perfect 💕 please support them as much as you can!!


i love this little guy so much. they are so high quality and cute. they go perfect with my other clowns <3

Love it ! I buy u 2 tickets! Thank u so MUCH 🧡

Thank you for sharing photos of your tattoos, Anna! I am impressed how true the lines are to the original drawings. May they accompany you faithfully into the future.

Little Friend

I love my Birbauble Ceramic Art Toy, I’ve placed him next to my other one and together they’ve been peacefully watching through my window.

I am happy these two little ceramic creatures have found a tranquil home with you, Margarite. May they enjoy the sunshine and the storms alongside you, from their window perch.

Amazing I love it!

Ceramic birbauble was just as shown on picture. The packaging was really nice and came with an extra sticker! :D The shipping was quick too and nothing was damaged. Would definitely buy from goatPIERROT again.

Thank you for the praise, Sethli!
I always forget to mention, but the fluff is sheep's wool. It is undyed and biodegradable and can be left outside for birds to line their nests with.


Best thing I've ever bought

goat Pierrot never disappointments! The craftsmanship is always amazing, and the packaging is just perfect. Completely in love with this little mushroom

I am happy that one of those mushroom fellows was able to go to one of my best customers - he be right at home among friends and family.

Happy Spring, Maddie!

Joyous addition to the Tiny Birdfamily

Always wonderful art, always wonderfully packaged, always bringing a smile to my face on my desk :)

Thank you for supporting my work these past few years, Luke! It is always a joy knowing I am sending a piece to be with others of his kind.


goatPIERROT Art Sticker Set #11 [Vinyl Sticker Sheet, Frosted Transparent Vinyl Sticker, Oversize Matte Die-Cut Sticker]

Thank you for your review Landon. I hope you found many wonderful things to stick these stickers on.


The drawing is beautiful and obviously packaged with care!

Thank you for taking this piece into your care, Taylor! I am happy to know that it arrived safely to you.


luv it

its so cool, its a great addition to my goatpierrot collection. everything they make is S tier.

Thank you for supporting my work all this time! It means a lot to have a return customer like you.

I love him

He will sit on my hat and my collar and
AK always delivers on quality and cuteness love this little broach

Thank you for taking the time to review, Tristan - it makes me happy to know that little egg is loved.

So happy

The stickers came very fast and are such good quality! Can’t wait to put them on my sketchbooks!

I am happy you enjoy the stickers, Belle! I work with a wonderful small sticker business called StickerNinja based in Portland, Oregon. They never disappoint me with their quality.


I've been wanting to own a painting from goatPIERROT for a long while so when I saw "Sunhat in Red" I knew I had to get it. It arrived in great condition along with the stickers and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you for taking this piece into your care, Rosalyn!

This piece is based on my own favorite sunhat - found many years ago at the Vintage Garage Chicago flea market in Uptown. It has been dropped in lakes, dropped in sand, rained on, flown across the street, shielded my skull from angry redwing blackbirds, and faithfully kept me from sunburns ever since.

It is currently slowly unraveling, and I know I will never again find a hat so true and good.


Love love love

His thoughts are staring at me and that brings me joy.

His thoughts are made of sunshine and taste of blueberries.

Drawing #122: ANRI 'Love Remembered' Pierrot Figurine Study #2 [Graphite and Gouache on Watercolor Paper, 5 x 7 inches]

Thank you for taking this piece into your care, Landon!


I am in love with just every piece, but this one caught my eye and after a year of constantly looking at it I got it tattooed! Thank you so much!

Every so often you so often you see a tattoo that turned out better than the original drawing! It looks wonderful, Madeline - I am honored you enjoyed the piece enough to get it tattooed.


I am so excited to use these stickers! They are absolutely beautiful :)))

Thank you for your purchase, Maia! I hope they were able to brighten an object in your life.

Drawing #119: "Sekiguchi Lily Clowns" [Beeswaxed Tomoe River A5 paper, Series of Ten, sold individually]

Thank you for taking this piece into your care, Sebastian!