Frequently Asked Questions - Fun Version

Do you bake your clay pieces in an oven?
No oven could get hot enough to vitrify porcelain! I have a ConeArt 119D Kiln. 

Is the 't' in goatpierrot silent?
The 't' in goatpierrot is silent.

Why do you make Tinybirdmen by hand when you could make more and sell them for cheaper by outsourcing to a company?
Because I have spent years perfecting the Tinybirdman form, colors, and glazing techniques and plan to keep on perfecting it until I'm proud of it.
Slow evolution, baby!

Is Pierrot a clown?
Pierrot is more like a mime's great great grandfather.
Pierrot pre-dates the clown you are creeped out by. 
If it has a big red nose, it is not a Pierrot.

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